Tip To Break In Your New Shoes From Our Online Shoe Shop

When we as women get new shoes, we are nothing but excited. We want to wear them right away and show them off to our friends, co-workers, or our significant others. We at Z Shoe Source know how much you want to rock your new shoes, but there are some rules to follow before you do that.

Shoes tend to be stiff and not feet friendly when we put them on for the first time after purchasing them. We want you to enjoy our women’s footwear and hopefully never curse the day you put on those heeled booties.


Here are some tips and tricks to help break in your shoes from our online shoe shop, so that they will always be comfortable.

Don’t Rush

We get it, you bought those shoes to go with that suede burgundy skirt you had to have, and you want to wear it all together as soon as possible. If you do decide to wear this stunning outfit, make sure it’s only for a few hours. You may think wearing your new footwear longer will break them in faster, but sadly this is not the case. Best practice is to wear them in small intervals, so you are able to break in your new shoes, but not kill your feet in the process.

Spray them

This rule pertains to leather shoes mainly. Leather shoes may feel very stiff at first, and almost too hard. Spraying a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water as soon as you get them home is a good practice. Once you sprayed the shoes with this simple concoction, wear them! After wearing them around for about 20 minutes repeat the whole process a few times. Eventually, this women's footwear will form to your feet and they will thank you for it.

Freeze Them Beautiful black and red high heeled shoe from out online shoe shop, Z Shoe Source.

If you bought a pair of shoes and you have to wear them the next day, we have also been there. As a procrastinator, you probably are ready to just accept the pain, and blisters that come with your new shoes. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case! A neat little trick to stretch shoes out much quicker than normal is to freeze them! You take a ziplock bag, fill it with water, and then stick it inside the shoe, and leave the shoe in the freezer overnight. When you take the shoes out of the freezer they will fit just right! The reason this works is because the water expands and freezes, helping the shoe stretch!

Double Up

Another trick you can use to break your new women’s footwear a bit faster is to wear thick socks, maybe even your favorite fuzzy ones, and wear the shoes around the house. Vacuuming is a great task to do wearing your new women's footwear, you moving around a lot and using effort to push the vacuum will create your feet to be an anchor, and this is a great way to really work the new shoes.


Similar to the sock trick, you can put on socks and use a hair dryer. The heat will cause the shoes to expand. If it’s only tight in a few places, don’t wear socks and just use the hair dryer. Always make sure the dryer is on low. Your shoes, and feet will thank you for it.

So, hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you break in your new shoe collection from Z Shoe Source. We want you to stay comfortable, confident, and coquettish in our stylish women's footwear. Wear for any occasion to wow everyone in your path. Find all the heels, flats, boots, booties, and much more at our online shoe shop!