The Footwear for Women You Need This Fall: Part 1

When it comes to being a woman, there are things we feel like we can’t live without: A good conditioner, a favorite pair of jeans that fit just right, and shoes that make you feel like a rockstar. When it comes to shoes, we know a thing or two. Z Shoe Source knows all about footwear for women, just like you. We make fun, flirty, and comfortable shoes our passion. We want you to feel confident, sexy, and on-trend with footwear from our online shoe shop.

We want to keep up with trends just like you do. So, since it’s your favorite time of year (can we say pumpkin spice latte?) we want to let you know the major trends for fall 2016. The shoes are cute, stylish, and versatile, which we all can love. So let’s learn all the footwear you need for this fall season!


If you want to feel chic, powerful, and sassy, the pointed look is for you! With a sleek design, these flats or pumps can go with any look. If you are looking for a classy pair of shoes to wear at the office, or you want something to go out with the girls, there are so many different pointy-toed styles to choose from!

Try These Shoes From Our Women's Footwear Collection 

If you aren’t into a high heel look (we feel you), try this camel-colored pointy-toed shoes. They have awesome stud embellishments and go with many different fall looks!

If heels are your style (get it girl), then try these beautiful suede gray pointy-toed pumps. They are sophisticated and have just a bit of detail so you can dress them up and dress them down!

Open Toe

Even though it may be getting chilly, that doesn’t mean you need to cover it all up! Open-toed shoes are taking their reign all the way through winter. This is great news ladies! This means the shoes we thought we needed to put away for next season can stay out and be worn with our favorite fall outfits!

Try These Amazing Open Toe Heels 


Try out these beautiful gold and black open-toed heels; these can be worn with simple a black dress and cardigan, or with a jumpsuit for a night on the town!

If you are feeling even more daring, these mustard and black heeled booties scream “wear me!” They are fun, flirty, and can be worn with many different outfits. These high heeled boots for women are sure to get your friends talking, and get a pair of their own!



If you want to feel like a warrior, or be the talk of your ladies group, the multiple strapped look is for you! This fall the Gladiator shoes are all the rage! Our online shoe store has a ton of different styles to choose from, and we know you will fall in love with all of them!

Try These Shoes Today! 

These shoes are all kinds of sexy and strappy, and are great for a date night. Pair these with a bright red dress and some lipstick, and your fall outfit will be perfection!

If you prefer something a little more understated, try out these beautiful brown heels with straps that go around your ankle. They are simple but still a little fun with their studs on the straps, and they also are pointy-toed. By combining two fall trends, you can’t go wrong!

Always come to Z Shoe Source for all your online shoe shopping needs. We have shoes for all kinds of different women whether they are more simple or a little wild. Check back for out our next blog : The Footwear for Women You Need This Fall