No More Pain From High Heels With These Amazing Tips!

When it comes to shoes, it’s not always about comfort. Some shoes, high heels, in particular, are just going to be a little more bothersome than the rest. But beauty equals pain, right? 

High-heeled shoes are great because they elongate the leg, make you look slimmer, and obviously they make you feel sexy. There are tips you can implement into your daily routine that will help with the discomfort associated with high-heeled shoes.

We at Z Shoe Source want you to rock our women's footwear, but do not want you to rip off your feet in the process.


Heels are our specialty and we love the way they look on you. So here are some great tips to help your high-heeled woes.

Gel Insoles

Gel insoles are great for many reasons. One, they give your feet a little extra cushion when wearing our footwear for women. They also prevent your toes from scrunching which is uncomfortable and can ultimately cause blisters. These insoles can also prevent your feet from sliding in the high-heeled shoe as well.

Change Your Walk

You should do this for a few reasons. One, look as fierce as possible in your stunning new high heels. Two, change your stride so you look like the model you are. Changing your walk makes sense because heels work differently than flat shoes. It is important to keep your spine and your head aligned, and straight. You want to propel yourself forward with your hips, which will then lift your legs. Always look straight ahead, and walk that runway, even if the runway is your office corridor.

Take a Break

When you wear heels often, it is important to take periodic breaks every few days. You never want to wear heels five days in a row. wear them for two days, and then take a day and wear a cute pair of flats, like these! This break in between will give you the rest your feet need and you will also have cute shoes throughout the week!

Get the Straps Hot pink heel with yellow accents from our online shoe shop, Z Shoe Source.

Heels with straps were a gift we were always ready for. Nothing is more frustrating than your foot slipping out of your shoe. Heels help keep you feet in place and give a bit more support. Your high heels will fit more snug, which will prevent all the pains of heel wearing such as rubbing, swelling, and blisters.

Tape The Toes

Taping your third and fourth toe together will do wonders for your heel wearing abilities. There is a nerve within this part of your foot that is attributed to pain. The stress caused by your shoes irritated this nerve,when taped,won’t be affected nearly as much.

These tips should help your high heeled shoe collection, and your feet. Wearing heels is always a little daring but a lot of fun. Represent your favorite high-heeled shoes with ease and don’t worry about blisters. Implement these tricks into your routine and your feet will thank you for it.

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